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I am Toni...Who am I?

Welcome to our interactive gallery, designed to give you an insight into the creative process of making our film.

We are Act Up! Newham. Back in 2019 we started working online even before coronavirus. 
We worked in a collaboration project with a company in Chile called Los Inseparables.
Even though we speak different languages, and have the Atlantic ocean separating us, we found ways of communicating with each other and sharing ideas.

Take a look at this video to find out directly from the Act Uppers a little bit more about this project.

Warm Up with Act Up and Los Inseparables

Both companies sent each other warm up games to start getting to know each other better. We were very far away so we sent activities through the computer.
Now we want you to take part!
Look at Act Up's and Los inseparables warm ups below and join in

We created our main character and called them Toni


Who is Toni?

Learn more about our main character by clicking here. 

Toni joined Act Up on Zoom!

Act Up! interviewed Toni on Zoom so that you could learn a little bit more about them before our film premiere

We created so many memories working on this project

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I am Toni_Page_019
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I am Toni_Page_190
I am Toni_Page_155
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Why don't you take a look at some of the things we did while making this film?
 Go through some pictures, you can move them around, click and drag, see which one you like best and click on them to see them in full screen.

Have you ever heard about Cueca?

Cueca is Chile's national dance
Listen here to some typical cueca songs from Chile

Learn Cueca with Act Up!

Los Inseparables taught us how to dance Chile's typical dance.
After months meeting on Zoom, we adapted the cueca so everyone could dance it  online.
We think you will like to learn it too!
Watch this video to learn How to dance cueca on Zoom

The world Premiere of "I am Toni... Who am I?"  Is coming soon

I am Toni 1_Page_1.jpg



Tuesday 24th November

7:00 pm

This was such a fun and exciting process and we want to let you know all about it. There were so many things that led us to this point. Take a look at this time line summarising everything we went through.

Let the Act Uppers tell you what to expect when you come to our premiere

Check out the Trailer for our Film which

premiered on Tuesday 24th November at 7:00 pm



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