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We are making a new creative project each week in response to the current situation we are all in due to coronavirus. Check out what we have done so far

Week 22 (18-25 August) 

Celebration by Act Up! Newham

Our last lockdown film! The Act Upper's look back at what we have achieved throughout lockdown.

Week 21 (10-17 August) 

Our Lockdown Diaries by Act Up! Newham

To close our Coronavirus Time Capsule series, Act Up! reflects on each week of their lockdown.

Week 20 (3-9 August) 

Our Zoom Experience by Act Up! Newham

Act Up! looks back and reflect on their experience of rehearsing and creating on zoom for 20 weeks

Week 19 (27 July-2 August) 

Flower Power by Act Up! Newham

A poem about how we have grown and changed through lockdown.

Week 18 (20-26 July) 

The Zoom that went wrong

by Act Up! Newham

This week we created a scene based on the chaos of zoom rehearsals

Week 17 (13-19 July) 

Carnival on Zoom by Act Up! Newham

Missing their usual carnival preparations, Act Up! decided to create their own carnival at home on zoom!

Week 16 (6-12 July) 

Positive Affirmations by Jade Sempare

This week Act Up! member Jade Sempare leads exercises and positive affirmations to boost our mental health as lockdown drags on and on.

Week 15 (29 June - 5 July) 

Stephie by Glory Sengo

As part of the 'Songs we sing at home' project for Newham Heritage Month, Act Up member Glory Sengo teaches his favourite congolese song Stephie.

Week 14 (22-28 June) 

Swimming in the Bath by Sterre Ploeger

This week, Act Up! Newham signed an original poem about staying at home, written by Act Up member Sterre Ploeger.

Week 13 (15-21 June) 

Imagine by Act Up! Newham

This week Act Uppers imagined where they would like to be. Pritesh, one of our members made a series of artwork based on where our members wish they could be right now. And then they found a way to turn whatever they imagined into reality. Have a look!!

Week 12 (08-14 June) 

Black Lives Matter by Grace Fundu

This week Act Up performs Black Lives Matter, a rap written by Act Up member Grace Fundu as a protest against racism.

Week 11 (01-07 June) 

Morning Thoughts by Act Up! Newham

Inspired by their work for Theatre Centre's ImagiNation project, Act Up! created this piece about their morning thoughts during lockdown.

Week 10 (25-31 May) 

Coronavirus by Paizah Malek-Neave

This week, Act Up! Newham performed an original poem about coonavirus, written by Act Up member Paizah Malek 

Week 9 (18-24 May) 

Relax with Awa by Act Up! Newham

As part of Mental Health Awareness week, Act Up! member Awa Jagne has created a guided meditation to help you through these stressful times. Featuring artwork from all our actuppers!

Week 8 (11-17 May) 

We Love Newham

Moved by the news that Newham had the highest death rate in the country, this week the Act Uppers wrote a poem about why they love the London borough of Newham.

Week 7 (4-10 May) 

Changes by Act Up! Newham

This week Act Up! created a dance piece reflecting on the changes to our lives due to coronavirus and the lockdown.

Song: Changing - Sigma ft Paloma Faith

Week 6 (27 April - 3 May ) 

Tony's Hot Day

This week we did something different. We collaborated with 'Theatre Against Loneliness' to perform at their live broadcast 'Tony's hot day'. As part of this live broadcast, we performed a song about the importance of the fridge whilst in lockdown. Act Up! members found ways of being creative about the use of the fridge during lockdown by creating artwork and taking some pictures with their fridge.

Week 5 (20-26 April) 

Don't Cry Eva by Act Up! Newham

This week Act Up! were inspired by the anniversary of our participation in Zara - a large scale outdoor performance by Mind the Gap/Walk the Plank about learning disabled parenting. Act Up created a song to cheer baby Eva up during lockdown.

Week 4 (13-19 April)  

Easter by Act Up! Newham

This week the Act Uppers created their first scene on zoom - about trying to find happiness during an Easter in lockdown.

Week 3 (6-12 April) 

We'll Meet Again by Act Up! Newham

Act Up!s creative response for week 3 of isolation. This week the Act Uppers were inspired by the Queen's speech to create their own version of We'll meet again. They are looking forward to meeting each other again once this is all over.

Week 2  (30 March- 5 April) 

Isolation by Act Up! Newham

A poem about isolation in the time of Coronavirus. This is part of a series where Act Up! make a creative reflection each week of self isolation. This is our reflection from week 2. We hope to create a time capsule which we can look back on

Week 1 (23-29 March) 

Staying at Home: A Documentary

by Act Up! Newham

Week 1 of Act Up!'s time capsule project - A weekly creative response to the times of coronavirus. As a first experiment with creating remotely we collected thoughts and reflections on their first week of staying at home to be safe from coronavirus.

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