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Outside the Box

OUTSIDE THE BOX is devised from the actors own experiences. Together they explore their dreams and desires for the future.


'A thought provoking show beyond your comfort zone. I left with a better awareness and a bigger heart.' (Chris)

'A show that reminds us how similar we all are despite our differences.' (Amanda)

Dangerous Assumptions

Dangerous Assumptions is a show about friendship and inclusion.

It is devised by the actors and based on their true stories and experiences of education. We want to show how it feels when people assume that you are not able to take part.


An audience member said about 'Dangerous Assumptions': ' I loved the show. It was hard to watch in parts. It brought up big feelings about bad things that happen in schoosl. In the end Jill and her classmates showed the teachers how it's done. Brilliant stuff!'

Changing Attitudes

''Changing Attitudes' is a simple but effective piece of drama that is able to make an impression on a wide range of different audiences. It is based completely on our actors' personal experiences of negative attitudes towards disability. This makes it a very challenging and powerful piece. Dr Ju Gosling (Artistic Director of Together! 2012 C.I.C. said about 'Changing Attitudes': 'It was extremely professional and very well performed and carried a powerful message'.


'Changing attitudes' is particularly suited to be performed as part of disability equality training for work places, schools or colleges.

Atos Stories


Act Up were approached by the Atos stories collective to perform 'Atos stories' a piece they had written based on true stories of people who had been through Atos's work capability assessment. We have performed it at an event organised by E13 people united about Disability and Community as part of their 'What's 'normal' anyway' series and at the launch of the Newham clinical commissioning group.

Act Up can be hired to perform any of the above productions at your event, conference or disability equality training.
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