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'Dangerous Assumptions' at ALLFIE 25th Birthday

Act Up! Newham were proud to be invited to perform 'Dangerous Assumptions' at the 25th birthday of the Alliance of Inclusive Education for an audience of about 60 people.

We had great responses from the audience.

'You all were fabulous! Great humourours piece, and you all knew your lines really well! Loved the way that you based it on intergration and segratation, the differences between the two. Loved the stern teacher leading Jill the schoolgirl away and the two pupils that were funny at each end who had no clue about what Jill the schoolgirl could do but they were great all of the group! Nice acting everyone!'

' I loved the show. It was hard to watch in parts. It brought up big feelings about bad things that happen in schoosl. In the end Jill and her classmates showed the teachers how it's done. Brilliant stuff!'

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